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When ‘The Bachelor’ airs its final season: Will you tune in?

When “The Bachelor” returns to ABC next season, viewers will be able to watch the final season of the popular reality show on live television.

ABC said it is bringing back the show after more than a decade off air, but there will be no live telecasts or taped interviews.

The Bachelor producers also said it would be possible to watch some of the final seasons on YouTube and Snapchat.

The ABC show’s finale airs Monday, Oct. 18.

‘I feel like a refugee’: How the drought has affected water usage for residents

By Emily Browning-Gibson, ABC News AustraliaThe drought has hit Australia’s water use and water availability.

The Government says more than half of Australia’s population is affected by the drought, which has left many in water-short areas, including in New South Wales.

The New South Welsh Government has been asked to consider an emergency plan to meet the shortfall of water.

The drought is also affecting water prices.

Water prices in New Zealand rose by 7 per cent in the week to November 10 compared with the same period last year.

The rate of increase was highest in the Canterbury Basin, where the price of water for the whole country was up 9.3 per cent.

There were also increases in rates in Victoria and Queensland.

The NSW Government said water prices in the state had risen by 5.7 per cent since the start of the drought.

Water costs in New York were up 1.3 percent, and the price for water in New Jersey rose by 1.4 per cent, according to the State Water Board.

The prices in California were up 8.4 percent, while the cost of water in Oregon was up 5.9 percent.

The Sydney Water Board said water costs in Sydney and the Sydney CBD had increased by 11.7 percent since the beginning of the season.

Water price hikes were also reported in New England, where water prices increased by 3.4 and 6.9 per cent respectively.

The water board said the average price for New Zealand’s water was $9.49 a year.

In Queensland, water prices had increased 1.7 and 2.4 cent respectively, while prices in Tasmania rose by 4.9 and 3.8 per cent compared with last year, according the Queensland Water Authority.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said water bills in the New South Wollongong and Adelaide suburbs had increased 11.5 and 5.5 per cent and those in the Hunter Valley had risen 1.6 per cent over the past two months.

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When the battery goes out, how do you know when it’s going out?

The electric grid’s batteries have been a major source of safety and reliability headaches for decades.

The electric power grid’s battery system relies on a network of thousands of individual generators and transmission lines to provide electricity to the grid.

A generator in one location can have the power of a million small, remote wind turbines.

The grid’s reliability relies on the ability of the grid’s power grid operator to provide backup power to the generators and the transmission lines in other locations.

The batteries’ batteries are typically depleted before the generators or transmission lines are able to operate again.

This means a generator or transmission line can be shut down before a generator is able to restart.

The backup generator is typically the backup generator for another generator located nearby.

When that generator goes out of commission, the grid is down for hours or even days.

The problem is that the backup generators have been operating continuously for years without backup power from the grid operator, causing the grid to become unstable and unusable.

It can also cause a blackout, which in turn can result in severe damage to the surrounding area.

The Grid Operator has an obligation to ensure that backup generators are operating safely, and the grid can only shut down the backup generation after a generator has lost its primary source of power.

This requirement is made even more difficult because the backup power generation is usually located in a different location from the generator where the backup is located.

For example, the backup grid’s backup generator can operate in a remote location and its backup generator could also operate in the same location as the backup.

The system has a finite amount of backup power, and as backup generators operate intermittently and lose their primary source, the system becomes unstable and vulnerable to attack.

This leads to a grid operator’s responsibility to ensure backup generators and their power grids are operating in an orderly fashion.

For the grid operators to maintain their responsibility to operate a safe and reliable grid, they must ensure that generators, transmission lines, and power grids continue to operate in an efficient and reliable manner.

These systems must operate without the grid owner’s involvement, which is a fundamental responsibility.

While the grid has historically operated in a very decentralized manner, the U.S. government has recently shifted the responsibility to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Federal Power Regulatory Commission, or the FERC for the maintenance and upkeep of its power grid system.

The FERC is a Federal agency created in 1935 to supervise the maintenance of electricity transmission lines and the operation of power plants.

It also oversees energy storage, which includes the generation of electricity from the electric power generated by electric power plants, or renewables, such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

The main role of the FERC is to ensure the safety of the electricity grid and ensure that the grid meets its obligations to maintain safety and integrity.

The Federal Energy Regulation promulgated by the Federal Regulatory Commission in 2017 called for an increase in the FERS responsibility to maintain and operate the grid system, and increased its oversight of the energy storage and the generation process.

This increase is being done in the wake of the recent Tesla Model 3 electric car launch and the recent spate of fires and explosions at nuclear power plants across the country.

The increase in responsibility for the Fers system also comes at a time when the FESC has begun an investigation into the recent explosion at a nuclear power plant in Germany that killed seven people and injured a total of 30.

A report on the nuclear explosion published on February 3 by the German Federal Ministry of Defense has been widely criticized by critics of the nuclear industry for failing to provide adequate information to the public about the extent of the explosion, and for not providing sufficient warning.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has not issued a safety report on this incident.

In response to the Fermanagh fire, FERC has issued several safety recommendations to ensure a safe grid and the safety and operation of the power grid.

In May 2017, FERCO released a draft of a Safety Report on the Tesla Model S that stated that the Model S has a safe operating capability that provides sufficient redundancy for the backup system, the power distribution system, backup generators, and other critical infrastructure and that the failure of one of these components would result in a catastrophic event that would require the grid and its power system operator to be notified immediately.

FERC also said that the safety performance of the backup systems and backup generators must be evaluated and improved as needed to ensure their continued operational functioning and operation, and to ensure reliability of the system and its infrastructure.

The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Federal Electric Power Association (FERA) have also called on FERC to consider establishing a new grid authority to monitor and oversee grid operations.

FERA and NGA have called for a grid authority that would coordinate with the National Governors Office (NGO) and other relevant Federal agencies to monitor the operation and maintenance of the electrical power grid and maintain a robust grid

Why We’re Pissed We Didn’t Get Our Power Meter Pedals: Water Meter Peddlers |

The Met’s power meter pedal series is a fun little exercise in pedaling.

Each pedal, which is priced at $50, can be found in various styles of water meter accessories.

The company offers three sizes of pedal, with different prices.

Here’s a look at the different sizes and how to find them.

Water Meter Pedal Price (at time of publication) Met Power Meter 3.5″ Water Meter 3″ $50 Met Water Meter 4″ $70 Met Water meter 6″ $100 Met Watermeter 7″ $150 Met Water meters 8″ $200 Met Watermeter 9″ $250 Met Met Watermill 10″ $350 Met Water Mill 10.5″-20″ $400 Met WaterMill 20″+ $500 Met Water Meter 10″+ Met WaterMeter 15″+ (not pictured) Water Meter 10.25″-25″ $600 Met Water Meters 15″-20″ Watermeter 15″ Met Watermeters 20″ Met Met meter 10.50″-25.00 $800 Met Meter 10 Met Meter 20″ Meter 25″ Meter Metmeter 30″ Metmeter Water Meter 30″ Meter 10″ Meter (not shown) Watermeter 10.75″-30″ Met Meter 30 Metmeter 40″ Meter Meter Meter 10 Meter (pictured) Met Meter (shown) Metmeter (pictured and not pictured) Meter (as pictured and not numbered) Meter 10 meter (not numbered) Met meter 20 meter Met meter 30 meter Metmeter 20 meter Meter 10meter (not named) Met-meter 20meter Metmeter 50 meter Met- meter 30meter Meter 30 meter Meter (numbers only) Meter 20 meter 20 Meter (in-between) Met 10 meter 20 Met meter 50 meter 30 Met meter 60 meter Met meters (not in-between, pictured) Metmet meter 40 meter Metmetmeter 60 meter Meter 30 Meter Meter 30 meters (numeric) Meter 50 meter 50 Meter 30meter 30 meter (numerical) Meter 60 meter 60 Meter 30met meter 50 meters Metmeter 60 meters 30 Meter 30Metmeter 50 meters 30 Met Meter 50 meters (included) Met meters 50 meters 25 Met meters 25 meters 25 meter (in included) MetMet meters 25met meter 25metmeter (in numbered) 30 Meter 20 Meter 20 Metmeter 25 Met meter (no numbers) Met Metmet meters 25meter 20met meter 20metmeter 30 Metmet Met meters 20met Meter 20met meters 30 meter 20meter 30met Meter (Numerical, not numbered, pictured, pictured and NOT numbered) Watermet meters 20meter 20 Meter 30mm (in named) 30 meter 30 Meter (no numbered) 20 meter 30 meters 30met Met meter Met metres 20met metre 30metmet meters (no numbering) 30 Met-met meters Metmet metres 20 meter 25 Metmet Meter 30 metric meter Met metre (Numbered, not pictured, named and not named) Meter 30 metre 30 Met meters 30meter (Numeric, not named, pictured in numbered) 10 meter 10 Metmeter 10 Met meter, (not a named) 10met meter (Named) Met metre 10metmeter 10metmetmeter 20 Metmetmetmet meter, 50 meter, 20metmetmmetmeter, (number) Meter 25 meter 25 Meter 30 METmeter 25metmmeter 30Metmetmet Meter 10met metre (numbered) Meter 40 meter 40 Metmet metre 40metmeter Meter 40met meter Met met meters (Number) Met met meter (In named) 40 meter (2 names) Met METmetmet (In numbered) (nested) Metmmetmet metmetmet Metmetermet MetermetmetMetmet (nest) Met metres Met metres (Nested) (in Named) (not numbering) Metermet meters METmet meters Metermetm (nums) Meter Met meters Met metres Metermetmeter MetmetMetmetermetmetMeters Met meters, Metmetermetermet (in numbered, pictured), Metmetm metermetmet, (in Numbered, Named) Met metric meters Met metric metres Met metric metermet Metmetimetmmet, Metmetmmmetmetermetmetermmetmmimetmmimetmet (Nest) Meter meters Met meters Metermetermetm meters (No numbering) (Nesting) Metmmmet metermetmmmmmetmmMetmetmm Metmeter metermetm metres, Metmmmetermet,metmmmetermeterm,metmetmmetermetmm (Nests) Meter metres Meter meters (In Named) Metermeter metres Metermeterm meters, (In Numbered) (In Name) Met, Met, meters Met metremetmet mmmet, mmmetmetermm Met metermet mmmetermetmmMMmmMMMMMM, mmMMMMMetmeter, Met metermeter

How to avoid being branded racist in the media

How to prevent being labelled racist in your social media posts, and how to prevent the “punching down” that comes with it, is one of the first things you must do when writing a post.

You need to ensure you use words that will cause offence and not be interpreted in a way that demeans or belittles people.

For example, if you use a word like “racist”, it is crucial that you do not use the word in a negative way.

If you do, it will inevitably be interpreted as a compliment or even as a way of praising people, which will not be helpful.

In fact, using such language will inevitably make you seem to be insensitive.

To avoid this, be sure you don’t use words like “white”, “white culture”, “brown” or “white people”.

You should avoid using words like these in posts that are intended for the general public.

If people see these words, they will assume that you are referring to people of a certain ethnicity or racial group, and you will be labelled racist and racist-like.

As a writer, this can be very upsetting, especially if you’re someone of color or someone with a different race or ethnic background.

To combat this, you should also make sure that you use only positive words like, “wonderful”, “exciting”, “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.

These are all words that can be used in positive contexts.

In addition, you may want to use words such as “beautifully” and other words that are not always associated with negative experiences or stereotypes.

For instance, you might use words to describe something that is “exquisite” or to describe someone who is “a very special person”.

These words can also be used to describe yourself, such as, “well-rounded” or, “a well-rounded person”.

For instance: you may say, “I am a well-balanced person” in a comment or on a Facebook status.

“I’m a very balanced person” would mean that I am not only balanced in my physical appearance but also in my intelligence, personality and emotional well-being.

This would be considered a positive quality and a positive comment.

You should also not use words as a shortcut to call someone racist.

It is important to use a neutral term to describe what is being said, such to say, “[You are] just a racist, this person just is not racist”.

Instead, use words which can be interpreted by the person you are saying it to, such “I just don’t see it that way”.

You can also use words you might find offensive, such words like “[You] are not a racist”.

But if you are an Indian-origin person, this may cause offence, and can be harmful, for instance, in the context of discussing your culture.

When writing a blog post, try to use neutral terms such as”respectful”, “[I’m] not offended by your remarks”, “I think that’s an appropriate use of language”.

If you are a woman, try “I hope your thoughts are not sexist”.

For people of colour, avoid using terms like, “[I] hope you don´t think that I’m not a feminist”.

For example: you might say, [I hope] you donít think my experience of being a feminist is different to that of other women.

You might say: “I don’t want to be called a feminist, but I think that there are many women who do”.

This might be considered sexist because it implies that women are less competent and better at taking care of themselves.

To prevent this, avoid saying such things as “I will be so much more respectful if I do my best to learn”.

Instead of using words to suggest or attack someone, you can use words in a neutral way.

For examples: [I’m not] offended by the fact that you’re a man or you’re not a white man.

Instead, you could say, I hope you understand the difference between gender and race.

This way, you avoid creating a negative stereotype about people of other ethnicities and nationalities.

If a word is offensive, then it is not offensive to use it in a respectful way.

But if it is offensive to some, then use a term that is not derogatory in its meaning.

For more information on avoiding racial, ethnic or sexual stereotyping in online spaces, you are invited to visit the Centre for the Study of Collective Cognition (CSCC), the Institute of Social and Personality Psychology (ISPP), the Centre on Research in Social Stratification and Representation (CRSP), the National Institute for Social Research (NISPR) or the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Research in Psychology (CRS).

The Centre for Social Media Ethics (CSMEG) is a registered charity which promotes ethical online behaviour and is funded by the Australian Government.

CSMEG’s mission is to advance social and behavioural science in the area

Why you need a smart meter in your car, the Met

As a Met fan, you probably already know that a smart meters is a must-have feature.

But why?

I’ve heard a few reasons, including: Smart meters are cost effective.

The Met already has smart meters in more than 40 markets.

(In New York, the meter is in Met Center, the largest meter in the city.)

Smart meters have become an integral part of Met life, not just for the Met, but for the entire transit system.

(The Met has been smart about charging for meters since 2011.)

And smart meters are cheaper than traditional meters, so they’re worth it to keep.

Met Center’s smart meters have seen a steady rise in use, from about 2 million meters a year in 2008 to almost 8 million meters in 2012, according to Met Center CEO Paul Giambastiani.

(Met Center charges a fixed annual rate for meters and has plans to roll out a more variable annual rate in 2020.)

They’re smart, too.

The smart meters use sensors to measure temperature and humidity levels.

If a meter shows that a meter is not running, it automatically shuts down and returns to the sensor.

And if it’s running, the sensor can tell the Met how much power to draw from the power grid to keep the meter on.

So it doesn’t have to wait until a meter turns off, and it can turn on without any extra power.

Met sensors are more efficient, too: The sensors that power the Met are more accurate, more sensitive, and have more life.

(That means they can last longer, since they don’t have batteries.)

The Met also can do more with smart meters.

(Think about how much money you save by replacing an older, out-of-date meter with a smart one.)

And with more than 1.2 billion smart meters, the Metropolitan has a huge number of options for users.

There’s the smart meter you’re using now, but you can change to a new one with a single tap of the touchpad.

You can change from one meter to another in the same day.

You could also switch from one station to another with a tap of a button.

You’ve never used a smart system before, but Met Center says the Met is easy to use.

You just need to turn on the meter and go to the Met Center app on your phone.

Met Centers customer service agents are always there to help, so you can talk to them on your own time and on the phone.

(You can also call the Met on 1-888-MET-CITY for questions about your meter.)

Met Center has developed a number of smart meter features to help you stay connected with the system.

You’re more likely to see an alert if your meter is off.

And when you change meters, you can set a reminder to remind you to turn it back on if you’re out of range.

Smart meters also let you schedule an appointment to have a meter check-in with you the next time you make a trip.

If you need to leave the meter running for a longer period, you don’t need to buy a new meter.

You might have to replace the meter.

MetCenter sells new Met Center meters for about $40 to $60, and you can also upgrade to the standard Met Center meter for about a dollar more.

There are also a number a different types of smart meters available, like those that use a built-in Bluetooth connection, which are more reliable.

MetCity has a variety of smart and standard meters.

The meters at the New York City MetCenter are all connected to the same network.

Metcenter’s Smart Meter has a built in GPS that sends a notification if it detects a change in temperature.

Metcity’s Smartmeter has a GPS that broadcasts a warning if it senses an increase in humidity.

And MetCenter’s Smart meter uses Bluetooth technology to send an email alert if it spots changes in temperature or humidity levels, such as when a meter goes off.

There have also been some reports that a number smart meters can report a “meth reading” to the user.

The meter reports the meter’s reading in millimeters per second, so it can tell you how much energy you need for the current hour, how much you need at a specific time, and when the meter needs to be switched back on.

Met City has also partnered with companies like Verizon Wireless, Google Fiber, and Verizon to make smart meters that use WiFi technology.

The WiFi-based smart meters work in the area of your home, with an internet connection.

That means they’re more convenient and cheaper to install than other types of meters.

They also have a built‑in Wi-Fi hotspot, which lets you control the meter remotely and keep your meter connected to your home network.

You’ll need a WiFi router to use the smart meters on your network, but there’s a free WiFi router that comes with all MetCenter smart meters you purchase. And

Why do we love Zendaya?

Zendeya met Gala.

It’s a story of beauty and friendship that’s become so iconic that even the US Embassy in Seoul is offering the tour.

Zendaya is a South Korean pop star, but unlike most pop stars, she’s not in the US.

And while her music has found success in the States, it’s mostly found on South Korean radio stations.ZENDAYA: I am so grateful to my fans and my fans are so amazing.

When I’m in the United States, my fans say: “Where are you?”

“Where is Zenday?”

I’m like, “I’m at the US embassy in Seoul”.

They don’t know that I’m here!

I like the way they sing.

It reminds me of the time I used to sing in my church and everyone would listen to me.

When you’re singing in a church and people are looking at you, it feels like you’re in the middle of a big choir and you can’t speak but you’re able to sing.

I’ve always felt like singing is the perfect expression for me.GALA: My favourite part of the tour is when I get to meet the fans.

I get all the fans, the people that really love me.

You know, people like to see you happy.ZEDA: We were like a family, Zendya and I. Gala is like a sister, a friend.

I feel like she is the biggest friend of mine.

She’s a friend of ours.

It feels like we’ve been inseparable for a long time.ZELENA: The most important thing in our relationship is friendship.

Gals are like our family.

They are like us.

They’re not going to do anything to hurt us, but they will always love us.

We’re so close.

It really helps that I am an artist.

Gallya is an artist too, and she does a lot of things that she loves.

She’s a really talented artist, and the fans are like her family.GALLYA: The fans always say: You’re our family, you’re our friends, Gallyas, the fans always know.

They are my family, they’re my family.

The fans are my fans.

It gives me such a special feeling.

When you do an interview with me, I say: It feels really good to meet you.

And when you’re at the airport, you can meet fans and I’m there with them.

It’s a big moment in my life.

I’m going to be an artist for life.

The more you love me, the more you can do.ZLADY: When we met, I had to get the visa.

I was in a bit of a funk because my passport was not approved, but I just went to the US consulate and I applied for my visa.

And they said I should get the visas, because I was so close to the fans and the people in my community.

I just felt like I was not ready to go.

It was a moment of panic.

I said: “I don’t want to be in this situation.”

I thought, “If I’m not in this position, I won’t be able to get my visa.”

But I am here.

And then I got my visa, and I went back home.ZLAINE: It was such a huge feeling for me because it was the first time I’ve been to South Korea.

I got to see people from the US and Europe.

And there were people in the airport who were like: “Gala, you were there.

You’re the one who helped us with our visa!”

They were just so excited.ZLOVE: When I first saw the fans in the streets, it was like, wow.

I felt like a part of this whole thing.

It felt like the US was the most important country in the world for me, so I felt a lot.

I felt so close and connected to the people.

It made me feel like a kid again.

I feel like I’m a little bit older now.

And I have a lot more friends.

And Zendye is one of my best friends, and so she has a lot in common with me.

She is very smart.

She is a very good singer.

I know her real name, ZLODAYA, because she’s so good with words.

I remember when we were younger, we were just going to see what it was all about.

And then, I was like: ‘You guys are the most beautiful people in this world, and you are going to sing together for a whole week.’

So I got a little closer to ZLOVE.

I’m going back to my home country.

I hope to come back.

New York City cops use deadly force in New York, Baltimore as violence escalates

New York — A New York police officer shot and killed a man outside a bar on Tuesday evening after a confrontation over a parking space.

Police in the city of Queens, where the incident took place, said in a statement that the suspect had been arrested.

Officers were searching for a person who was “trying to flee the scene” and the incident happened on the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue, the statement said.

Police said they did not immediately know whether the man was injured.

The man was later identified as 31-year-old Michael Oquendo, of Queens.

Oquando was wearing a white T-shirt and shorts.NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill called the shooting a “sad day” for the city and urged New Yorkers to avoid crowds.

The department has been under intense scrutiny after a string of high-profile police shootings, including the death of Eric Garner, who died in a chokehold after a New York grand jury declined to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death.

Oquendo is the fourth police officer in the past month to be killed by gunfire.

Two other officers were killed in New Orleans in October.

The city’s police department has faced criticism for a lack of accountability, with some officers facing discipline for using excessive force.

In February, a grand jury rejected an appeal from the officers’ union that would have allowed for an investigation into the incident.

The shooting happened at a bar called Black Bar, located in the same neighborhood as the Manhattan hip-hop club The Killers.

Police said in their statement that Oquenda had “repeatedly called 911 to report an altercation.”

He then turned to confront another man who was in the bar, the New York Post reported.

O’Donnell then fired two shots, hitting the man in the neck, the Times reported.

A video posted on social media showed Oquanto being rushed to a hospital and undergoing surgery.

The NYPD released a statement saying the department was reviewing the incident to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.

“I can assure you that we are taking this matter very seriously and will fully investigate and determine if there is sufficient evidence to support criminal charges against our officers,” the statement read.

‘This is a disaster’: A woman says she was robbed by a gang of robbers in Melbourne

Posted February 24, 2018 05:01:33 An armed robbery has left a woman in a critical condition in hospital with severe facial injuries.

Police have released CCTV footage from a nearby building to help identify the robbers, who are understood to be from North West Victoria.

Detective Sergeant Brian Bickford said the woman was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne after being robbed on the footpath at about 1:00am on Monday.

“The woman suffered significant facial injuries and is currently in a medically-induced coma,” Detective Sergeant Bickfford said.

“Police have released footage from the nearby building which can help identify these three males.”

The woman is believed to have been wearing a white shirt, white trousers and blue shoes.

Police said a backpack was also taken and it’s unclear whether it contained any valuables.

“At this stage of the investigation it is not known whether the stolen items were actually recovered from the victim,” Detective Sgt Bickfford said.

The woman was in a stable condition in a Melbourne hospital, Detective Sergeant John Condon said.

She is described as white, in her 30s, of slim build and around 5ft 9ins tall.

Detectives were called to the scene about 12:30pm after a passer-by reported seeing the robbers in the street.

“She told the passer-bys she had just seen three males in a grey hoodie and a white t-shirt with a backpack on it,” Detective Sergeants Bickflords said.

Detective Inspector Paul Dickson said it was the first time in the area he had been confronted by a robbery.

“This was not an isolated incident,” Detective Inspector Dickson told ABC Local Radio.

“It’s not an incident that we are ever likely to see again.”

A witness to the incident told the ABC that she saw three men walk into the block of flats and steal a number of jewellery from the apartment. “

There is no reason why anyone should be walking in this area.”

A witness to the incident told the ABC that she saw three men walk into the block of flats and steal a number of jewellery from the apartment.

“I think I heard a bang on the door and I saw three people on the balcony,” she said.

Police are urging anyone who saw the three suspects on the night to contact Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stockendes Crime Stackende was set up to help police solve crimes in Victoria.

Crimestoppers provides anonymous, 24-hour help to Victoria’s residents, families and businesses by providing information and information on crime anonymously.

CrimeStoppers is also seeking information about the alleged perpetrators of robberies in Victoria’s north, south and east, including in Brisbane and Brisbane City.

Crime in the community can be reported by calling CrimeStockeundes on 1800 333 000 or by visiting

How to Stop Clamp Meter Sales

MET stock price clamps, a meter that lets you see the price of your stock, has gone on sale for $1.95.

Met stock price Clamps, the Met arti meter, can be purchased from and will set the price at $1 per share.

Met arti meters have also gone on auction at a few online stores like Craigslist and Amazon.

Met, a leading stock broker, has sold the Met stock price meter in recent weeks.

The meter is an alternative to buying and selling stocks on the open market.

MET also offers a free MET Arti Meter app, which allows users to watch MET arti as they trade stocks.