‘Glee’ Season 2: Where is Chris Pratt and Kate McKinnon?

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Chris Pratt is back in the Meters score today as the Season 2 finale kicks off, and the showrunners are already teasing what’s coming up in the series’ second half.

In an interview with EW, executive producer and writer-director Ryan Murphy said, “We are not going to tell you where we are going, but we are very excited about where we’re going and the characters we’re bringing in.

I’m sure fans are very much anticipating a new adventure for the first season.

We’ve already seen the beginnings of that.”

According to the interview, the next episode is set in Los Angeles after the Season 1 finale, but that doesn’t mean the story hasn’t changed for the past three seasons.

“The first season was about Los Angeles, and that was very much the central setting, and then we had a second season about the world of Meters,” Murphy continued.

“And so we’re continuing to tell stories about Los Angelenos.

We’re continuing in that vein.

We’ll definitely have a lot of people who were introduced to the world in Season 1 come back, and some people who haven’t had the opportunity to go to L.A. or L.E. are going to come back.”

So, where are we headed?

That’s the question the showrunner has been asking fans since the finale.

But there are some other hints in the interview that suggest that the season will get a little different.

Murphy revealed that the new season will introduce the world to an even bigger cast.

“This season will have a bigger ensemble,” he teased.

“We’re going to be able to bring in a lot more people than we did in the first one, and we’re also going to bring a lot to the cast that we didn’t have in the beginning.”

And the new cast members will be doing the world a favor.

“People will be coming to L in Season 2,” Murphy said.

“In Season 1, we saw Kate, and now in Season 3 we’re seeing Chris, and they’re both new actors.

We don’t know which of them are going home.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the world and who doesn’t.

There will be some good battles.”

What we’re looking forward to next year:A bigger cast means bigger battles.

And the new members of the Metric crew are going places.

“Chris and Kate are really the only ones who are really going to take this fight to the Metrics,” Murphy added.

“They’re both going to have to work for the city.

And they both are going get their comeuppance.

So, we’re hoping they can both go at it in a different way.”

What are you hoping to see from Season 2?

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