‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ video featuring the new ‘Punchline’ character

Jul 28, 2021 Measurement

In honor of the new season of “PunchLine,” MTV News has partnered with a new viral video featuring a man holding up a gun in a high-fashion fashion.

The clip, titled “Hands up, Don´t Shoot,” was created by the “Punjabi Pinch,” a New York City-based film and digital marketing firm that uses innovative methods to engage people on social media and other platforms.

The Pinch recently released a short film “Habibi Hai” featuring a video of the same name that depicts the life of a refugee family.

The Pinch’s video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times on Facebook, with more than 11,000 shares and more than 4,600 comments.

The video, which is directed by the film’s co-founder and president Ashutosh Parekh, also features the Pinch performing the rap song “Ganesh Bharti Hai.”

Parekh told MTV News that his video was inspired by a story about a young man who was asked to join a group that helped displaced persons in a country ravaged by war.

The young man, whose name is Abdul, was asked by the group to help with the reconstruction of a school and to build a playground.

Abdul, who lives in a refugee camp in Iraq, had to choose between attending school and rebuilding the school.

He chose to help and volunteered.

“When the people in the group got together and started working on the playground, we started getting calls from people in Iraq who were wondering if this is a good idea,” Parek said.

The video’s message is that the refugee community has been a big part of the United States and America has to take its responsibility to help them.

“In the end, the refugee story is the story of America,” Paredkh said.

“This is America that is willing to give its life and its resources to help the people of Iraq.

And this is America, and I think it is America’s responsibility to do it in a humane way.”

Paredkh is also the founder of the Punjabi Punjabiship, which works to make social media platforms more inclusive, including allowing women to share and comment on content.

The company’s goal is to reach a million people per month by 2020.

Parek is now a full-time resident in New York and hopes to return to his hometown soon.

He has also been preparing for his next project, a documentary called “Puppies.”

He is hoping to finish his new film this year.

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