Latest on U.S. troops in Syria: US troops leave Syria, leaving only 1,000 in the country

Sep 17, 2021 probing

The United States will leave about 1,600 troops in the embattled country after its troops withdrew from the country last week, leaving about 2,000 troops in its garrison there, a White House official told the Associated Press.

The official, who was not authorized to discuss the plans publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, spoke on the condition of not being identified as the U.N. envoy to Syria is still in contact with the U, S and the Russian government to ensure their security.

The U.K. also announced that it will withdraw about 200 troops from the base and that it would also be moving some of its own troops out.

The announcement was made Monday after the U-N.

Security Council voted unanimously to condemn Russia for its role in Syria’s chemical weapons attacks.

The resolution passed after an hours-long debate and condemnation of the Russian military intervention.

The United Kingdom also said it will send a mission to Syria.

The mission, which will include U.M.O. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), will investigate the origins of the attacks, including the use of chemical weapons.

The White House has said it is ready to assist in the investigation and to work with allies on a U.n. peacekeeping mission to remove the Syrian regime from power.

“The United States is withdrawing its troops from Syria, not only in the short term, but also in the long term, as the United Nations and other relevant partners continue to make progress toward achieving a political settlement of the conflict,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

The withdrawal from Syria comes after months of speculation that President Donald Trump might seek to ease U.s. isolation by returning to the country, but that option has yet to be explored.

“We remain committed to working with Russia to support a transition that ensures the United States remains a steadfast partner in the U and S Security Council and supports the security of our allies in the region,” the White House said.

“Withdrawing U.,S.

forces from Syria would not change U. S. policy in Syria, but it would make it easier for the United Nation to ensure the safety of its staff and protect U. n. personnel from the risk of attacks.”

The White York, New York-based U.F.O., or Unmanned Aircraft Systems, will be the first American military contingent to depart the country.

The two-week mission, called Operation Inherent Resolve, is aimed at training local forces and fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The Pentagon said Monday that it is “committed to working closely with our allies to support the safe and secure exit and safe return of U. s. personnel to the United Kingdom for their safety and security.”

U.A.E.S., or United States Army Airborne Operations, will deploy to Syria to support U.

Ns. operations.

The Trump administration has said the mission will help defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The move comes days after Trump said that the United Sates is withdrawing all its troops in Iraq and Syria.

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