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‘I feel like a refugee’: How the drought has affected water usage for residents

By Emily Browning-Gibson, ABC News AustraliaThe drought has hit Australia’s water use and water availability.

The Government says more than half of Australia’s population is affected by the drought, which has left many in water-short areas, including in New South Wales.

The New South Welsh Government has been asked to consider an emergency plan to meet the shortfall of water.

The drought is also affecting water prices.

Water prices in New Zealand rose by 7 per cent in the week to November 10 compared with the same period last year.

The rate of increase was highest in the Canterbury Basin, where the price of water for the whole country was up 9.3 per cent.

There were also increases in rates in Victoria and Queensland.

The NSW Government said water prices in the state had risen by 5.7 per cent since the start of the drought.

Water costs in New York were up 1.3 percent, and the price for water in New Jersey rose by 1.4 per cent, according to the State Water Board.

The prices in California were up 8.4 percent, while the cost of water in Oregon was up 5.9 percent.

The Sydney Water Board said water costs in Sydney and the Sydney CBD had increased by 11.7 percent since the beginning of the season.

Water price hikes were also reported in New England, where water prices increased by 3.4 and 6.9 per cent respectively.

The water board said the average price for New Zealand’s water was $9.49 a year.

In Queensland, water prices had increased 1.7 and 2.4 cent respectively, while prices in Tasmania rose by 4.9 and 3.8 per cent compared with last year, according the Queensland Water Authority.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said water bills in the New South Wollongong and Adelaide suburbs had increased 11.5 and 5.5 per cent and those in the Hunter Valley had risen 1.6 per cent over the past two months.

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