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Why Breitbart News isn’t giving up on Trump’s election victory

Breitbart News is giving up trying to get Donald Trump to drop out of the race.

As the president’s victory in the U.S. election draws near, Breitbart News has become less willing to risk that Trump might somehow flip his way.

On Sunday, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow told Breitbart News on Twitter that Breitbart News would no longer be attempting to get the president to drop his bid for the presidency.

“I can tell you that we are not going to continue trying to win a fight for him in the coming weeks,” he wrote.

“He’s lost.

We’re done.

The fight is over.”

Breitbart News has always been willing to put our own spin on news articles that were published by the Trump administration.

In May, Breitbart wrote an article titled “Trump’s Election: How Breitbart Got His Vote, and What That Means for the Left” in which we said that Breitbart would no long be pushing the Trump-Clinton cause.

But in recent weeks, we’ve seen a shift in our coverage of the president and his presidency.

We’ve also seen that Breitbart is increasingly reluctant to give Trump a pass.

Last week, Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro said that “it’s not the first time that Breitbart has made the decision that Trump’s campaign is not worth the effort.

As Breitbart has demonstrated repeatedly, the alt-right is more dangerous than ISIS and the alt right will never be able to stop Trump.

Breitbart will never abandon Trump, and the Alt-Right will never lose its grip on the country.”

In a post on Twitter in September, Breitbart senior editor-at of the website, Shaun King, wrote: “If Trump loses, we are finished.”

The president is clearly a dangerous and volatile figure who has made his name on spreading lies and propaganda, but Breitbart has shown time and time again that Breitbart can’t simply be a news outlet for his supporters, but instead a propaganda machine that is used to disseminate false news about Democrats, liberals, and minorities.

The president’s rhetoric has already caused Breitbart to lose some readers and advertisers, which has also made Breitbart less likely to give a platform to the president.

This week, it appears that Breitbart may be getting less confident that it will be able keep the president on the campaign trail and the White House.

Breitbart has been giving up this fight against Trump, which makes the idea of the site changing its coverage of him a real possibility.

In his latest tweet, Marlow wrote that Breitbart will “not be making any new posts about Trump, his campaign, or his presidency until the election is over.

We will be focused on the election and all the important issues facing the country.

If we lose this fight, we will be done.”

This is a developing story.

Stay tuned for more.