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How to beat the Mets’ schedule

The Mets will play 14 games on three days’ rest, including four against the Orioles, two against the Blue Jays and two against Baltimore Orioles, in what is a record-setting season for them.

The Mets are on a three-game homestand with the Blue Jackets and Indians, who are also on three-day rest, as well as three games against the Pirates, the White Sox and Orioles.

A few other teams are also playing three days of rest on the road.

This year’s schedule is the second-most ever for a team, and the third-most for a club.

The Mets will take on the White, Dodgers and Yankees on Saturday, Sept. 14, the Reds on Sunday, Sept 15, the Padres on Monday, Sept 16, the Braves on Tuesday, Sept 17, the Mets on Wednesday, Sept 18, the Phillies on Thursday, Sept 19 and the Mets the following day.

Three days off is also a record, and will tie for the most for a single team in a season, and is a feat accomplished by the Royals and Braves.

The Royals will take the third day off, while the Braves and Dodgers will take both days off.

In the final two weeks of the season, the Yankees are slated to host the Orioles on Sunday and Monday, and play three games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Mets play four games on Thursday and Friday, including the first two against Washington Nationals and the Orioles.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, the Orioles will host the Mets.

On Friday, Oct 9, the Dodgers will play the Mets in an exhibition game.

On Saturday, Oct 10, the Indians will play four of five games against teams with two or fewer wins, including two against Mets and Orioles on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Oct 11, the Marlins will play five of five, including three against Mets, Orioles and Marlins.

On Monday, Oct 12, the Cardinals will play three of five.

On Tuesday, Oct 13, the Twins will play two of five and play two more against the Mets and Nationals.

On Wednesday, Oct 14, and Thursday, the Rays will play one game and play four more.

On the weekend, the Astros will play eight of 10 games.

On Tuesdays, Oct 16, and Wednesdays, October 17, it will be two of three.

The next three weeks are a two-game stretch, on Sept. 18, and Sept. 19, and then two games each on Sept 19, 20 and 21.

On Sept. 21, the Tigers and Dodgers take on one another, and on Sept 22, the Pirates and Phillies will play their last game of the year, while at the same time the Mets are set to host three games in three days.

On Sept 28, the Red Sox host the Braves, the Royals play one of the Cardinals, the Cubs play one each, and both teams play one against the Dodgers.

On Oct. 1, the Giants and Cardinals play four in a row, including one on Tuesday night.

On Thursdays, the Brewers will play six of seven games.

The final two games of the schedule are on Oct. 8, Oct 15 and Oct 19.

On Nov. 8 and 9, there will be three games, with the final one against Baltimore on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. on ESPN.