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Mets Spring Training schedule and TV schedule

The Mets will play only one exhibition game, the New York Mets vs. Miami Marlins on April 7, and they will play the first three games at Chase Field.

The Mets play their first two games at home, at Citi Field on April 17 and at Wrigley Field on May 6.

The first three home games of the season will be at Camden Yards, with the last two at Wienersberg Field on the first weekend of June.

The last four home games will be played at Great American Ball Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The three-game exhibition series will be the first of five scheduled games in the spring.

The Mets are scheduled to open spring training in April, with their home opener on April 11 against the Chicago Cubs.

Their first game is April 18 against the Cleveland Indians at the Chase Field in Queens.

The next three games will begin April 22 at Wahoo Field in Phoenix, with a series at Wiedefeld Field in Chicago, followed by an exhibition game at W.M. Keefe Field in New York on April 24.

The final three games of spring training are scheduled for June 1 against the Atlanta Braves at Wainwright Field in St. Louis.

The New York Giants will host the Mets on June 1, followed on June 2 by the Mets at Yankee Stadium, followed with a two-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Yankee Polo Grounds in New Jersey.

The teams will play again June 5 at the Polo Grounds, and then will play two games against each other on June 19 at Wachovia Field in Camden Yards.

The next four games of Spring Training are scheduled in August.

The games will start on Aug. 1 at the Wriglex Stadium in Chicago and then move to Wien and Citi Fields in Brooklyn.

The season will end on Aug 28 against the Kansas City Royals at Wofford University in Rockford, Ill.