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Jul 3, 2021 calculation

“The Great Recession was a financial catastrophe.

It is not a catastrophe.

The people who caused it were rich and well-connected.

They should have known better.

The Fed did the right thing.

But the rest of us, the vast majority of Americans, didn’t.”

– Senator Elizabeth Warren, 2016 “In retrospect, I believe it was irresponsible of Fed Chair Janet Yellen to keep the interest rate on our debt at zero for so long, given the potential consequences for the economy.

It’s also irresponsible of us to do this, in the middle of a global recession, when we know that trillions of dollars of risk are on the table.

We have the resources to make better decisions and to protect ourselves and our families from economic calamity.

So, I’m disappointed in her.”

– Republican Senator Rand Paul, 2016  (Image credit: Getty Images)”I’m so sorry to hear that Janet Yellens remarks were misinterpreted, and I wish she would apologize for them.”

– Democrat Cory Booker, 2016 (Image credit-Getty Images)This article originally appeared on The American Conservatives and is republished here with permission.

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