Twitter’s Twitter app for Android has a huge userbase

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Posted November 02, 2016 07:10:10When you launch a new app for your Android device, you’ll see a new “Welcome to Twitter” screen that lets you see your account, which is a list of friends, your interests, and any tweets you’ve sent.

But there’s another screen that displays the app’s main features, and it’s called “Twitter” for a reason.

The main screen is the main screen of Twitter, with an app icon on the top left, followed by a menu bar that looks like a square, and a little square at the bottom.

From here, you can select a user and see their name and avatar.

You can also search for the user and find their tweets, which are grouped into a list.

Here are some of the things you can do with the main menu bar:There’s a small “like” button on the left side of the main navigation screen.

You’ll see the “like button” appear when you’re clicking on a tweet, so you’ll want to click it.

If you’re like the user, you get to see what they said and hear what they tweeted.

You can also “like or retweet” a tweet.

When you click the “share” button, you’re sending it to the user’s account, so the app has access to all of your tweets.

To read more about the main app, including how to sign up, see our full feature on how to install Twitter on Android.

This is the app you’ll use when you want to use your Twitter account, whether it’s for public or private messaging.

Here’s a quick rundown of the app:Once you’re in the app, you have to login with your Twitter credentials.

You won’t be able to share your tweets publicly, but you can post to other people’s accounts.

When someone replies to a tweet with your username, they’ll be able view it in their Twitter timeline.

You don’t have to post to each user’s profile to get access to their Twitter accounts.

Twitter lets you sign up with an email address or phone number, but for private messages, you need to choose a phone number.

You also have to log in to the app to see who’s messaging you.

The app’s “Follow” button allows you to send a tweet to a person or group of people who are following you.

You’re given the option to delete that tweet.

Here is the “Follow Me” button.

If it’s green, that means the person or groups you’re following has replied to your tweet.

If that’s red, that indicates you’re not following them.

You’re also given the ability to “like,” “favorite,” and “share.”

There’s a “follow” button that lets the person you’re talking to follow you and a “unfollow” option.

Here, you are presented with a list or “tag list.”

You can choose from the list to show only the people you follow.

The tag list also includes your current tweets and a short description.

You get to decide whether you want the Twitter account to display your Twitter bio, which can be viewed by anyone who wants to see it.

If you click “unlike,” you’re also presented with the option of either unfollowing or liking the person who’s following you, which allows you more control over who you follow in your feed.

You have the option “Follow User” to choose who can see your Twitter profile.

This lets you follow users who have followed you in the past and who are now following you in general.

You are presented a list, called a “List of Followers.”

You have two choices: you can choose who to follow or you can ignore them.

If the user who’s currently following you has an open account, they can follow you.

If that’s the case, the app will display their profile, as well as their tweets.

You’ve also got a “favorite” button to see a list that shows whom your follower has followed.

You are also presented a “share link” to share the link to the person’s profile.

If a user follows you, the “Like” button appears on the right side of your screen.

To the left of that button is a “Share Tweet” button where you can share a tweet that’s linked to the account you’re currently following.

You get to set the level of visibility your account will have.

You have the ability “Share only” to allow people to see your tweets only.

If a user wants to view your tweets from your profile, they have to opt-in and enter a password.

If your profile is private, it’s easy to share things with your followers without the app showing up on their timeline.

This means that if you don’t want people to know about your Twitter accounts, you don, too.

You might have more followers than you need or maybe you’re just a friend of a friend, but if they know your name, you might be able

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