Why can’t the Mets play in a rainstorm?

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Posted November 18, 2019 05:30:14By now you’ve probably heard the news about the Mets’ decision to play in rain.

If you haven’t, let me try to make this as easy as possible.

In the middle of the night, the Mets put on their rain gear and set up their stadium for the game.

The Mets went to a game in rain gear because they knew they would need to be ready to play if the weather became more dangerous in the future.

The stadium is equipped with a rain gauge, which allows fans to monitor the conditions around them.

If the gauge drops, the fans can switch to another kind of gear.

If it stays above freezing, the game is called off.

The fans then go home and watch the game on TV, which means they’re at the mercy of the weather conditions.

So, what is the problem with rain?

There are several problems with rain.

Rain can cause droughts.

There’s also the issue that it can cause a storm to form that could be extremely dangerous if it reaches your area.

So what can you do to avoid rain?

First, the weather can change quickly.

A rain gauge can give you some indication of the conditions, but it won’t tell you if you should evacuate.

If a rain shower occurs, you should prepare to evacuate because the water levels in the rain gauge could be high enough to drown your car.

In some cases, rain is more dangerous than snow, which can cause serious injuries if you’re driving through.

A few days before a rain storm, you can adjust your gear to stay out of the rain.

The only time you should wear rain gear is if you are traveling through areas where rain is possible.

If the gauge is not above freezing and the gauge doesn’t reach below freezing, you’ll need to wear a rain jacket.

For more information on what to do when you see rain, watch this video:

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